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Introducing a listen into the upcoming heavy-metal EP, development and direction for Jason Payne & The Black Leather Riders as we head into 2021. Along with new press shots, marketing strategy and high-impact music videos currently being created.

Breathing Rage
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Breathing Rage featuring Andy Martongelli

The Dark
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The Dark featuring Daisy Pepper Bass

JASON PAYNE CB STUDIOS 2021 mono-48.jpg

British riff-driven melodic metal hailing from London, UK

With a history boasting over half a million streams, 50 live shows and a modest lifetime of musical creation with past acts, London based metal artist Jason Payne took 2020 to embark on a new journey; ‘Jason Payne & The Black Leather Riders’. A culmination and reincarnation of his strongest creations, featuring debut singles 'Waking The Damned' and 'The Dark', plus numerous others from an arsenal in waiting. Think Slash, Alter Bridge, Metallica, and many other legendary influences.

2017 to 2020 saw Jason front the British rock outfit Louzada on guitar and vocals, achieving over 300,000 streams across Spotify & YouTube and amassing thousands of worldwide fans, all through a modest discography of just one single, and one EP. The arrival of the worldwide pandemic in 2020 brought about the amicable hiatus of Louzada, resulting in time to put in the focus and determination needed to launch his most ambitious project yet.

Think big riffs, impactful grit-laden vocals, gripping high production music videos, and an energy just screaming to be invited to the live stage, and that's exactly what Jason's debut singles bring...

Released December 2020, the debut single 'Waking The Damned' [] became a viral hit amongst rock & metal lovers alike, garnering over 250,000 views / streams to date, multiple worldwide press features, a whole army of new and engaged followers, and this is just the start...

Now in summer 2021; the second and harder hitting single / video 'The Dark' [] has been unleashed, giving a taster of what to expect from Jason's forthcoming debut EP:


"Introducing my debut single, out now on all streaming platforms. 'Waking the Damned' represents a chapter in my life that took me to where I’m at today. It's also about being reborn and celebrating the birth of something new. Join me for the journey 🤘 "

Key Stats:

VEVO: 220,000

SPOTIFY: 31,000

FACEBOOK: 10,000


The Purge

The Purge
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